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Community RULES

Communities are growing, so why are association memberships declining? 

Some say because online communities are free and easy to join.  But it's more than that.  

At "Community RULES" you'll learn tactics to implement immediately that will create fast, long-lasting growth. 

Example:  I love gardening, and follow dozens of creators on YouTube and Instagram, spend a ton of money on plants, and am a part of several Groups on Facebook.  But I've never joined a home gardeners' association.  (Neither have the people I'm following.) 

The commercial digital world is outpacing associations in growing their communities.  Commercial groups are even selling MORE memberships than nonprofit associations.     At Community RULES, we'll learn how they do it. Then we'll steal it and adapt it to work for us.

Your organization's future is heavily dependent on it's digital engagement, and true engagement happens from people (you, staff, leadership).  People don't instinctually connect to organizations, they connect to other people.  That is one of many reasons why your digital presence matters to your organization.  (It matters to your career as well, but we'll talk about that in NYC.)

Your digital engagement is at the core of your personal brand.  Sure, you know what NOT to do in the digital space.  But what do you share?  How do you say it?   And how do these people have all of these Likes and Shares?
We will learn at Community RULES.  What to say - so it sells and sounds smart - but sounds like you.


We'll also do it.   We'll take photos, share smart words, and learn to "position" our professional self in the digital space.  All will make our employer (current and future) are proud. 

  Here's what will happen at "Community RULES:"

You'll experience a Mastermind-type weekend with other experienced association professionals

You'll build and boost a digital presence

You'll join an "engagement pod" of people who will comment on your social media posts, tricking the algorithm and making you show up more in everyone's feed.

We'll learn very advanced content about human attraction to groups, and tactics to leverage it to grow your association.

I hope you will join me, Kiki and a roundtable of like-minded, experienced professionals.  It will be the inspirational weekend that you've needed for a long time.

Hope to see you there!

Angela Bedell, founder of AB Communities

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