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What You'll Learn

The four keys
to fast, lasting growth

Communities are growing.  Is yours?

Organic connection is critical. 

Come learn how to create it.  

Over 1,000 successful* association executives believe

four areas to be the critical areas for success in 2023:



Digital Presence


*Executives within the top 10% of association salaries AND rate their “professional satisfaction” at least a “4” on a 1 to 5 scale.

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The most diverse pipeline won’t make a difference if new leaders are held back by organizational cultures that incentivize their silence.  It’s more urgent than ever that leaders commit to removing the barriers that get in the way of everyone sharing their voices and ideas.

How do you get the most of your new, diverse leaders, without alienating your veterans?  


Your organization is likely doing more than you realize in DEI and we’ll learn how to showcase it for the world.


Finally, we’ll go deep into that overlap of Inclusion and member engagement.  These lessons will change your organization’s future. 


Take-home tools:

Copy-and-paste templates for DEI policies.

Checklists to safely implement new practices that improve culture and inclusion 

Messaging templates to measure and publicly report on your “good news” in DEI.


Executive presence in a virtual/hybrid environment.

Board job descriptions for 2023 – that include expectations and measures for:

  • high-EQ teamwork in (and outside) meetings

  • a thriving organization 

  • an empowering, rewarding leadership experience for Board members


Take-home tools:

A “cheat sheet” of coaching points to keep the meeting focused.

Tricks and tips for pulling thoughts from your quiet participants.

Discussion templates to remove obstacles and quiet naysayers.

Digital Presence

“social media is the most consequential technology in human history” Sinnan Aral MIT


Association membership is on the decline, nationwide.  But “communities” are growing and thriving.   At this event, you’ll learn from social media influencers, organic online communities and other models. What can your organization learn (or even copy) to engage your members? 


We’ll learn:

The neuroscience of social media

The neuroscience of community


Take-home tools:

Digital Badge:  put on your LinkedIn profile – let peers know of your expertise

Watch your digital brand grow!   We will tweet and post your participation and brilliant contributions – you’ll finally look like the leadership genius that you are.

  • “Elevator pitches” and storytelling – exact words to steal

  • Monday-morning ready messaging for building support from constituents

  • Personal branding for 360-degree credibility

  • Built-in boosts to increase likes, comments, shares and trick the algorithm!


No margin, no mission – heard it a thousand times.  Simple but not painless.   

In a post-pandemic world, the business of running a nonprofit has shifted 180 degrees.  Your former cash cow may now face competition from easier, cheaper options. Your members can find their tribe online for free. 

How to incorporate profit-centered thinking into your decisions and culture while underscoring (not abandoning) important non-financial values.

We’ll learn:

  • The tactical path to profitably doing good.

  • How to give your members the transparency and accountability they are seeking.

  • Design paradigms for maximizing profit without abandoning purpose.

  • Three straightforward principles your Board should know to create complete financial clarity.

  • New thinking on how to make and find money for your program, department or organization. 

  • Four simple principles to simplify accounting and uncomplicate creating a profit. 


Take-home tools:

Six archetypes of value creation enabled by new trends.

Guides for designing and implementing strategies that generate greater impact.

Flowcharts to help determine if guide cash-losing programs must go, or can be turned into moneymakers.

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