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Community RULES
Engaging and growing your community 

Leading-edge thinking & Monday-morning ready ideas. 

November 2 & 3, 2023

Secrets of Extreme Growth

The old rule book is obsolete. 

Everything we thought would last forever is gone, or going.   

Our tried-and-true sponsors are questionable.  No more sure things.


Where will we get profit/margin to fund our mission-advancing activities?   


It's tIme to borrow from the entrepreneurial world and find margins, maybe even create a new cash cow.


Inclusion?  Equity?  

Yes, you have a policy but what now?How do you embark on a genuine journey toward DEI, and make a positive impact on your membership retention?   

"Community RULES" will be an intense two days of answers to these questions.  New thinking, tools and solutions to thrive in 2023.

Digital Presence

Digital communities are growing FAST. 


You will learn the tips and tricks that have created extreme growth for creators, companies and causes.  We've sorted out what can and cannot be done in an association environment.


What's with all the Likes, Shares, Click-bait, Funnels and Freebies?  You'd never tarnish your association's image with such slimy tactics.  But why are they working? 

Have you heard of "engagement pods?"  We'll band together to boost our own posts and trick the algorithm.  Not just about filling your feed, but create meaningful connection in your community.Tips & tricks to create smart, quick posts.

PLUS:  There will be a professional videographer on-site to record you.  We will push you out into the digital world to increase reach for you personally and your organization. 

New Colleagues
& Friends

"Community RULES" is so much more than a seminar. 

It's an agency for a day, a future thinking bootcamp, an organic engagement pod. Most importantly, it's a mastermind experience.

Please come prepared to support and boost your colleagues during and after the event. You'll leave with professional friendships of the highest caliber.  

NOTE: For this reason, AB Communities reserves the right to deny admission to attendees without adequate experience.  If you are not sure if you qualify, please email Emily at:

By the end of Community RULES, you'll be able to:

  • Stop agonizing over having money to do the things your organization needs to do.

  • Find resources to train your team.  

  • Increase margins on work you're already doing (or know how to end it). 

  • Plan a thriving future for your organization with a deep leadership bench. 

  • No more fear of discussions about DEI. 

  • Be on your way to thought-provoking meetings of highly-skilled leaders. 

  • Build a personal brand to match your successful career and persona.  

  • Enjoy new colleagues that you can call on in a jam (or to celebrate success).  

  • Articulate your unique thoughts, goals and insights into the digital world, building the reputation of your organization. 


AB Communities is a boutique agency led by Angela Bedell.


We believe in organic communities.


There is a common bond that brought these groups together, and this is the center of our attention, always. But even the most organic community will not thrive without strategic experts leading membership, marketing and outreach initiatives.

After years of honing our skills, we want to help other organizations thrive too. We created Community RULES to share the "how-to" behind growing in the midst of extreme change. 

Who teaches at Community RULES?

Angela Bedell has created extreme growth in membership, conference attendance and revenue for over a dozen associations.  

She was Chair of ASAE's Marketing Section Council, won the "Most Distinguished Executive" award from Kansas City's SAE, and is known for creating record-setting revenue in the most challenging of situations. 


Attendees score her a "10" out of 10 consistently at courses and workshops.  Angela has two marketing degrees and completed the coursework for a PhD (but was recruited for a too-good-to-pass-up VP job before finishing her dissertation). 

In her side-hustle, Angela taught fitness classes for decades.  She motivated a group of women, most who were 40+, to train for and do Pikes Peak Ascent.  She then took a group twice as large to do the first Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco.  Most of these women bought their first pair of sneakers when they met Angela. 

Angela's forte is motivating others through community and connection. 

Angela has owned three businesses and understands the cash flow.  She put herself through college and has a crazy-intense work ethic.  She is a Myers-Briggs INTJ, though she's almost right on the middle line of I/E and T/F.   

angela b

Kiki L'Italien is a Senior Consultant with Tecker International, LLC, specializing in research, marketing communications strategy and technology.  Kiki is a widely recognized thought leader in the association industry and presides over and host the Association Chat online community and podcast. She has operated as CEO of Amplified Growth, a digital strategy firm, since 2012, working with trade associations and professional societies, as well as commercial clients such as QVC and Delta Dental. 

Her combined 20 years in association membership and marketing with 10 years as the leader for the online community and podcast, Association Chat, has led KiKi to the creation of a purposeful model for communities and our role in them. She developed a health check for communities, the Tribes and Trust Community Model, based on her experience as a component relations professional (CRP) and community manager. Each part of the model explores the fundamental principles that lead to a strong and sustainable community.

kiki .jpg

Community RULES is an intense two-days of learnings, but it is also:

  • A "digital agency for a day"

  • A mastermind experience of thought leaders

  • An engagement pod

Angela tells you more about it in this video.

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